Thursday, July 13, 2006

Palmistry (Chirology)

“Astrology (palmistry and chirology) shouldn’t suggest decisions to someone. They should help you to make decisions in an intelligent way.” – Robert Hand.

In ancient times, the art of palmistry was a secret science shrouded in mystery. Nowadays, all one has to do is go to the nearest bookshop and purchase however many books they want on this topic. Even better, a whole lot of information is readily available on the internet.

There is so much stuff to be digested and sometimes it’s very confusing as different authors have different opinions. But I think what makes it fun for me is the research that one has to do and also to confirm so many things which may or may not be relevant or even true.

There is an interesting research material which showed that from the lines on the palms, one can tell if the child is autistic. Autism is actually a complex behavior disorder that will manifest in a child before the age of 3. Normally autistic children have limited language capabilities, are not able to start or continue conversations and often they have a preoccupation with a single subject, activity or a certain gesture. It was found that most often there will be rare features such as a line forming a ring at the base of the little finger and for those who know which is the head line and life lines; these 2 lines do sometimes come to be displayed as one single line. I know there are not many autistic people in the world (statistics show 16 out of every 10,000 babies are autistic), it may be rather difficult for me to carry out such studies on my own to confirm this occurrence.

There is another research that showed the differences in the hands of right-handed people and left-handed people. Now isn’t that interesting. The 'how' and 'why' of left-handedness is still a mystery. A popular myth concerns the idea that left-handedness is usually accompanied with a so-called dominant right brain hemisphere personality. Research has indicated that in left-handed people the right brain has a dominant role related to fine motoric movements, and in general one might say that the right brain is the more 'emotional' and 'holistic' brain. However, the assumption that left-handedness is accompanied with a dominant right brain hemisphere personality is a myth and belongs to the world of mythology.

The results of the research indicated that in right-handed people the fingers of the right hand are usually longer compared to the fingers of the left hand. Rather remarkable is that this phenomenon is most pronounced on the fingers positioned at a small distance from the thumb.A different picture is noticed in the hands of left-handers: on most fingers the results indicate that about 50% of the studied subjects have a longer finger in the left hand! In general one can conclude that the relation between left-handedness and leftward thumb-size asymmetry is also noticed on the other fingers, however the size of this phenomenon clearly depends on the distance between the finger and the thumb.

Palmistry does not provide us with the reason why a person is left handed or right handed. It is there to provide us with indications and signs of that tendency. My intention here is just to have fun during my journey of learning and to share them with those who are interested. So, please do join me here for discussions and chats on all topics which are deemed unconventional.

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