Thursday, July 13, 2006

What is Unconventional Knowledge, one might ask. When I Google and Yahoo searched for the definition of Unconventional Knowledge, I could not find what I wanted. It appeared that most of the definition touched mainly on management philosophies and definitions. The definition that I was searching for was pertaining to knowledge which is related to the stuff which people have categorized under heretics, witchcraft, astrology, and anything which relates to the “unexplainable”. But then again, that is not really true. There is a scientific element in astrology, palmistry and even physiognomy.

I would like to include here interests which are very close to my heart and the main intention is to share with and learn from people who are interested to explore into the realm of my definition of Unconventional Knowledge.

My first topic will touch a little on palmistry as I believe that this is very interesting and next to physiognomy (which is face reading), we can almost do it without our subject being aware of it. Sometimes, this will help us get to know the person better and explain some of his or her behavior and characterics. However I must say that it is also my intention to keep it all light and interesting. Most of what I have to share will be for a few laughs and perhaps only to tickle the mind. As for the serious stuff, I will leave it outside of this space. My blog is to serve like an after dinner mint...something to chew on after a heavy meal


sivakamy said...

So Nancy when am i get a free face reading from you :))))

Yozora NiteSky said...

Haa Haa my believe that there are still free things on this earth besides fresh air and sunshine :)